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Messaging Overview

Messaging Overview

PMail (or, "Portfolium Mail") is a credit-based system that allows a verified employer or recruiter to send a digital message directly to a Portfolium user, e.g., a student or recent graduate. An employer does not have to be connected to a student in order to send a PMail.

Employers use PMail to communicate directly with users with whom they have an interest in networking, inviting to apply to a job, inviting to "follow their company," or otherwise engage with the intent of assessing the fit of the user for one or more job or internship opportunities.

When an employer sends a PMail to a Portfolium user, the PMail message is sent to both the user's Portfolium inbox, and to the primary email address that the user has on file with Portfolium.

Every TalentMatch license comes with a certain number of PMail credits.

Some messages sent via TalentMatch are free, and do not require the use of PMail credits. Those messages include:

There are several ways to message Portfolium users using TalentMatch. After clicking to see matching candidates from the dashboard or running a search, you will be presented with search results and the opportunity to message users in the following ways:

Send one (1) message to one (1) user - Click the message icon next to the user's info in a set of search results

Invite a user to apply to one of your jobs or internships  - Click the + icon, and then click "Invite to Apply"

Invite a user to follow your company - Click the + icon, and then click "Invite to Follow Company"

To see who has followed your company, go to the dashboard or run an advanced search to find your company's followers.

Send one message to several users (up to 25 at a time) - Click the check box near the CLEAR FILTERS link to select all users on a single screen of search results, and then click the + icon or messaging icon in the far right corner.

In addition to using the above types of messaging, you may also request work samples from users.

If you are running low on PMail while sending messages to multiple recipients, TalentMatch will give you the opportunity to remove some recipients from your list so that you can continue sending your message:

If you see that a user's portfolio does not yet contain any entries, you may request work samples from the user without spending PMail credits:

Portfolium will send a system-generated message to that user.

You may send messages to one or more followers of your company without spending PMail credits. Your company followers will appear as green in a list of messaging recipients:

After messaging a Portfolium user via TalentMatch, you will see a "last contacted" date both on their profile and next to the messaging icon in a list of search results. You may click on "last contacted" to see the nature of your last communication with any user.

By seeing contact history, a recruiter can decide what type of message if any would be appropriate to send or re-send to a user.

Templates overview

You can create and save messaging templates, and then reuse them when contacting Portfolium users via TalentMatch. Click the "Templates" option from the top nav bar to get started:

You can name your templates (e.g., based on a type of hiring campaign, job, or other concept) as well as edit and save a subject and message body.

3 Types of templates

When you create a new messaging template, you must choose from 3 types of messages:

  • Messages where you'll invite the user(s) to apply to a job
  • Messages where you'll invite the user(s) to follow your company
  • General messages (do not include invitations to jobs or to follow)

Choose a template when sending a message

When sending a message to one or more users, you can choose from a list of templates that you've already created:

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