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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

What do people wear at Instructurecon?

Can you please give me some tips on what people wear/bring with them to survive the weather of CO and what is the expected dress for this conference?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

I would like to add one more little tidbit concerning InstCon dress requirements, and for me it is a requirement!

My top always includes a past InstCon T-shirt, and if necessary, I always cover with a past Instcon jacket.  I have 24 different InsCon Ts (more total because I am lucky enough to have some duplicates), and my biggest packing chore is deciding which ones to bring. I almost always choose a half-dozen or more of my oldest (I only wear them at InstCons and our state CanvasCon, so they are almost pristine). If I am housed onsite, I tend to bring double that number, and change out sometime during the day, like before an evening reception. I typically just bring two jackets, a snap-up hooded sweaty from 2 years ago (I think) that I just love, and a lighter hoodless zip up grey fleece from 2012 that is definitely my fave and I wear it all the time, even at home (getting a tad bit ratty). To project my old bald head from that high-altitude sun, I also bring a Canvas Baseball cap, and toss on a pair of Canvas sunglasses to finish the ensemble.

Yes, I am a one-man marketing team! What would be really cool is if the swag included a pair of roller skates, then my friend‌ could rock his pride!

Agent K

Community Member

Thank you so much for this info guys! It's my first one and I come from a business school's online program, so this is great news for me Smiley Happy  

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Definitely comfort and casual!  Especially with shoes.  Leave the heels at home.  As‌ mentioned, watching the highlight reels from previous conferences will be super helpful (and fun anyways!).  I would like to add to make sure you don't bother with the really nice shoulder leather laptop bag.  Your shoulder and back will scream the first day.   Backpacks are super comfy and completely the norm (we were even lucky enough to get new backpacks as swag last year!).   Then it was really fun at DEN security seeing the sea of orange Camp Canvas backpacks on Friday.  LOL   And bring a small compact umbrella or rain jacket to store in your bag for the daily pop-up showers!

hahaha! The latest email update on evening activities might affect my packing list!

I was so excited about that email!! Im gonna need to find a black dress to be all Agent 007 Smiley Happy 

While a black evening gown might prove comfortable (especially one with high slits and a low bodice), I would have to engage in some serious brush control on my chest. However, a clip-on bow tie would complete the look of a 2012 InstCon T-shirt.

Agent K

LBD but with layers!  It gets pretty chilly in the evenings sometimes, even in July.

Easy enough, just wear my leather jacket with my black dress and I'm set. :smileycool:


On the topic of the black tie event, how black tie are we really getting? A girl has to know. And is this an indoor or outdoor activity? Asking for all the ladies who are debating dresses and heels Smiley Happy

Guaranteed it will be outside! There are not, as far as I remember from last year, any indoor venues at Keystone that can support this size and type of even. Likely Keystone Village.  Go as formal as you like, but if you wear heels, carry comfortable flats in your bag, or even tennies, and a light jacket of some kind.  I guess a mink stole might work, but...........................

The email did also mention that some various accoutrements would be available, and I am thinking along the lines of a clip-on bow ties for men, and god-only-knows what for women.

Me, I intend to go fully formal and wear my oldest InstCon T-shirt, oldest InstCon jacket, and clip something on as a disguise. However, every InstCon has had a theme, and every year a significant number of folks dress extravagantly in support of that theme for the reception. It really is entirely up to you! I love costumes, and would go whole-hog for this, but I really like to travel very light and save some room for swag. hate airlines charging me extra, hate having to go to baggage claim, and all that jazz!

Agent K