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What do people wear at Instructurecon?

Can you please give me some tips on what people wear/bring with them to survive the weather of CO and what is the expected dress for this conference?

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Jeans and polos was the standard wear last year, at least for men.  It can get hot and sunny during the day, and cold at night, and it will likely at least sprinkle for part of it, so layers are good.  And good walking shoes are an absolute must.  I was not sorry to bring sunglasses and a hat - there's a bit of distance between events and lodging so you likely will be outdoors for quite a bit of time (not to mention the communal meals were outdoors last year).

As it's high altitude, plan on plenty of sunscreen and water.  And since you'll need water, backpacks are nice to carry it in.  Early schwag last year was a backpack, but I don't know if that'll happen this year too.  And on that note...try to leave a little extra room in your luggage - there's always stuff they give away that you'll want to bring home with you...

Community Coach
Community Coach

This is a casual event, so anything really goes - from shorts and tshirts to khakis and polos. Wear what's comfortable and makes you feel good. 🙂

During the day it will be warm so I'm planning on shorts or skirt and short sleeve shirt. Afternoon it normally rains, so umbrellas and possibly light rain jacket. Evening gets cool so jeans, long sleeves, and a light jacket. Go for comfortable shoes and yes to sunscreen, sunglasses, and water!

And definitely leave room in your bag for swag!!

Community Team
Community Team

You're getting good advice from some seasoned veterans,  @jsowalsk ! I hope you'll take a moment to read my blog post‌.

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Community Coach

 @jsowalsk  as you have seen already, casual is where it's at, and only misinformed vendors dress as business men and women. As an agent on a mission, you will want to blend is as much as possible.

One of my best stories from last year was riding the shuttle up from breakfast with a very dissatisfied camper. Breakfast that day was held in an open field, and it was sprinkling that morning. All the way back to the main conference center she blasted Instructure in a very disparaging manner (ok, she screamed and swore like an old fisherman, and I know because I was one in a past life). When I looked at her (read "glared"), I noted that she was dressed to the nines like she was attending a Blackboard Conference in a high-rise convention center in a major city where the only traveling was up and down an elevator; and this despite the well advertised theme of "Camp Canvas". I mean she even had on platform heels, and they weren't looking so good at that point in time!

Oh yeah, and don't forget the shades to help maintain the anonymity of your cover.

Agent K

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Community Coach

Yeah, comfort is the name of the game! You'll be walking a lot and spending some time outside!


I'm not too sure how accurate this is a month out, but I'd guess its a ballpark? Keystone July Weather 2017 - AccuWeather Forecast for CO 80435 


If this is Hot, I will TAKE it! I emailed Keystone Resort and asked if Long boards were allowed on premises, and they said they were. So, you've got a lot of options in your clothing AND transport it seems. Smiley Happy :smileycool:

We had a heat index of 110 one day last week (then we got a cool front of the lower 90's and it felt AMAZING outside!) with those temperatures, I just might bring a parka/snowsuit.


Right?! Its been in the 90's in SLC which isn't terrible compared to friends I have in my hometown, but it will be a nice break from the weather for sure. Fingers crossed that I'll acclimate quickly!

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Watch the highlight reel from last year and you'll get a feel for what folks were wearing for the weather.  My backpack always had a small umbrella and or my frog toggs rain jacket.  As mentioned in another post, there is sometimes an email that comes out ahead of time with suggested theme attire for evening activities.