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So, where are you coming from???


Each year I love to start up this thread to see where everyone is coming from. Instructurecon has become such a great international event over the past few years.

4 years ago I attended my first and I was one of only three from Australia. Last year saw over a dozen.

And it is not just Australia. Now they come from all over Europe, Asia, the Middle East and even Canada (I was informed that it is NOT a northern US state or America's Top Hat last visit).

So, where are you from? Are you road tripping in from the east coast? Flying in from the west? Travelling by husky from the north or swimming in from over the seas?

This thread gives a chance to not only share your port of origin but also will allow you to connect with others from the same region. Maybe you can also connect up at Instructureconcarn and make some new connections.

I will start, for those who don't already know I am based in Sydney Australia (you know, the country where everything is trying to kill you) and have been a long time Canvas user, advocate and now staff member.


Looking forward to reconnecting with all those I have met over the years and keen to meet all those I haven't.

OK, now it is your turn. Post your origin here and tag 3 others to do the same. Let's see just how many we can get here.


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Community Coach
Community Coach

I'm from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA.

Tagging  @stuart_ryan ‌,  @kona ‌,  @kenneth_rogers ‌, ericwerth‌,  @rseilham ‌, and  @kmeeusen ‌.

Community Champion

I'm coming from the great state of TEXAS. San Antonio to be more precise.

I'll be driving up this year and takin' the scenic route!

Tagging:  @tdelillo ‌  @kschneider25 ‌ and  @bcrook ‌

Community Coach
Community Coach

I am coming from Bremerton, Washington, USA.

I guess I should add that this year will be my 7th InstCon! Yes, I did say 7th!

Last year I met with a contingent from Brazil, a nice gent from Peru, two from Germany, a whole pack of great folks from Great Britain, a Frenchman, and a virtual army of Ausies. We decided to keep one of the Aussies as a Community Coach, right  @stuart_ryan ‌! Well, technically Ryan wasn't at InstCon last year, but he will be there this year - representin'!

I think my coolest meet-up was a Brit, who taught on a Chinese campus for an Australian University - now that's global!

Tagging Stuart Ryan, Kona Jones, Kenneth Rogers, Eric Werth, Ryan Seilhamer. Deactivated user‌, stefaniesanders‌,  @Renee_Carney ‌,  @scottdennis ‌, erinhallmark‌,  @KristinL ‌, awilliams,  @chofer ,  @Robbie_Grant  , and anybody else I might have forgotten!

Community Champion

I am coming from Winchester, UK and looking forward to my second Instructurecon!

Tagging a few fellow Brits I think are coming!  @joel_mills ‌   @paul_towers ‌  @g_bowie ‌   @james_trueman ‌

That's Brilliant news Nat!!! I'm coming to InstructureCarn too!!! All the way from sunny Wolverhampton, UK

Community Champion

I'm coming from Washington state with torsem‌! Just teeny tiny bit north (on a map) of  @kmeeusen ‌. That counts as a tag though he's already posted in this thread. Smiley Wink

Tagging:  @mtuten ‌ and laurakgibbs‌.

Cheers - Shar

Hi  @natalie_norton1 

I don't know if you remember, but we met last year! So happy you are returning for round two!

See you in July!


I also met you last year,  @paul_towers  ,  and loved the videos you made for your school!

Hope we cross paths again in July!

For those of you who are wondering, What videos?", here is a nice sample...........

InstCon 2017, Wednesday 26th July Presentation Recap - YouTube 


Community Coach
Community Coach

The Jones family will be driving in from the scenic flat cornfields of central IL!

Tagging:  @James ‌ and  @mjennings ‌