How do I set up Mastery Connect as an app within Canvas as a Mastery Connect admin?

As both a Mastery Connect admin and a Canvas admin, you can add Mastery Connect as an app in Canvas, making the Mastery Connect icon display in Canvas Global Navigation.

To add Mastery Connect as an app in a Canvas account, you must first generate a key and secret from Mastery Connect. You can then use the key and secret to add Mastery Connect as an external app using a URL.


  • If you have configured a Canvas assignment to deliver a link Mastery Connect assessment as an external tool, do not remove the current Mastery Connect App with LTI.
  • A user's email address in their Canvas account must be the same as the user email address in their Mastery Connect account.
  • You can generate shared and secret keys to a school or district.

Open Admin Area

In the Global Navigation menu of Mastery Connect, click the Admin link.

Open LTI Settings

Open LTI Settings

Hover over the Manage tab [1] and click the LTI Settings option [2].

View LTI Settings Page

You can have an LTI key and secret for the entire district or for specific schools within your district. The LTI Settings page displays district-level settings in the District section [1] and those for schools in the Schools section [2].

You can view any existing keys and secrets [3].

To view all the schools in your district, click the View All [x] Schools link [4].

To revoke a key and secret, you can click the Revoke button [5].

Note: Revoking a key and secret disables everything associated with the key and secret.

Generate New Key and Secret

To generate an LTI key and secret for a district or school, locate the district or school. Then, click the Generate button.

Open Canvas

Open Canvas

To provide the generated key and secret to Canvas, open a separate browser window. In the separate browser window, log into Canvas.

In the Canvas Global Navigation menu, click the Admin link [1], then click the name of the account [2].

Note: If applicable to your institution, do not remove the current Mastery Connect App Assignments LTI that you have added as an external tool; this is an additional, separate app.

Open Account Settings

Open Account Settings

Next, in the Canvas Account Navigation, click the Settings link[1].

Open Apps

Click the Apps tab [1] and click the View App Configurations [2] button.

Add New App

Add New App

The External Apps page displays all the apps that are connected to your Canvas account. Click the Add App button.

Provide Configuration Type and Name

Click the Configuration Type drop-down menu, and click the By URL option [1].

Enter a name such as Mastery Connect or Mastery Connect Global Nav in the Name field [2].

Enter Key and Secret

To enter the Mastery Connect key and secret, copy and paste them from your open Mastery Connect browser window.

To enter the key, return to the Mastery Connect LTI Settings page. Select and copy the key. Then, return to Canvas, and paste the key into the Consumer Key field [1].

To enter the secret, return to the Mastery Connect LTI Settings page. Select and copy the secret. Then, return to Canvas, and paste the secret into the Shared Secret field [2].

Enter Config URL

Enter  in the Config URL field [1].

To save the configuration, click the Submit button [2].

Install Tool

Install Tool

If the app has already been added in the account, Canvas verifies that you still want to install the app. To continue, click the Yes, Install Tool button.

Note: Verifications only take place in the same context for an existing external app (such as installing the same app multiple times in the root account).

View Mastery Icon

Your Canvas Global Navigation menu now includes a Mastery icon [1].

Any users of this Canvas account can click the Mastery icon to view Mastery Connect pages and the Mastery Connect Global Navigation menu [2].