How do I change the name or description of a curriculum map?

If you own a curriculum map, you can edit the map's name and description. The name and description display wherever the curriculum map is listed.

Open Maps

Open Maps

In the Global Navigation Menu, click the Maps link [1], then click the Curriculum Maps link [2].

View Curriculum Map Name and Description

View Curriculum Map Name and Description

In the Curriculum Maps page, each listed map displays a name [1] and description [2].

Note: You cannot change a curriculum map's grade, subject, or core.

Open Edit Curriculum Map Window

Click the curriculum map's Edit link.

Note: Only the author of a district-approved curriculum map can edit it.

Update Name or Description

Enter New Name or Description

To edit the map name, enter a new name in the Map Name field [1].

To edit the map description, enter a new description in the Description field [2].

Save Updates

Save Updates

To save the name and description changes, click the Update button.

View Updated Name and Description

On the Curriculum Maps page, view the updated name and description.