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Community Team
Community Team

Top Two Most Important Feature Ideas/Bugs/Issues for Canvas Admins

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Community Contributor

#1 and #10 would be great.

Community Coach
Community Coach

I don't need to undersell myself, COSTCO and our state legislature did that for me years ago!

Community Champion

I agree with you on these two, totally! We need both of those!!

Community Champion

This is tough! We need them all! :smileyconfused: But if I have to choose the top two that give us the most grief I would have to pick these two.

Inactive enrollment status for withdrawn students (216)

Extend Course for Individual Student (100)

Community Champion

I vote #1,#2

Community Champion

#1 and #2 are my top choices. 

Community Contributor

#1 (More granular permissions for admins) would be my top pick, but that Idea was Archived. We were told that each permission change needed its own Idea Request. There are now 11 Ideas but none of them have received the 100 votes needed to make it to the next stage. Voting on them is still open until November 4th. The 11 Ideas (and their links) can be found the this Idea: More granular permissions for admins

My second choice would be #2.

Community Contributor

I'd go for #3 and #8.

Community Champion

#8 and #2 (in that order) for me.  I would say #1, but as Susan pointed out it was archived due to being several "different" feature requests (but not really in my opinion). 

Community Participant

5 and 7.  I believe 2 has already been addressed; when I masquerade as a student who has been made inactive in a current course, I have no way to access that current course.