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Canvas Inbox - contact list will not release and tab key does not work - ADA violation

When I select a contact, I cannot get past the contact list, it is stuck. The only way I have found to release the contact list is to click the check box for "Send an individual message ..."

Also, because the [Tab] key no longer functions in Inbox, I cannot use the keyboard to move to the next field. 

  • I noticed the [Tab] key not working at the beginning of the semester.
  • The Contact list problem started several weeks ago.


See attached: after I select a name, the contact list just remains in place. I cannot use the mouse to click around it and cannot use the keyboard to tab past it. 

The [Tab] key not functioning is an ADA violation, each window must be accessed using only the keyboard, this needs to be fixed asap. 

Please, before making updates in Canvas, please ask end-users to test it. Lately it seems that one thing gets fixed and two break.

Thank you, MC Chauvin

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @mcchauvi,

Sorry about the issue you seem to have discovered.  If you have not yet done so, I would highly suggest contacting Canvas support to report this issue.  The Instructure Community here is make up of users around the world who can often answer questions about Instructure products, but it's not an official avenue for bug/issue reporting.  Canvas support can create a ticket and assign it to the right internal team to review and fix.

Hope this info helps!


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