Add new functionality for long-term data management

Theme Overview

Institutions do not have a systematic way to manage old/stale data; certain objects they'd like to have deleted after some period of time so that it doesn't clutter their interface. 

What value could this provide to users?

  • Admins can provide a data retention policy for various Canvas objects (ex: users/courses/files)
  • Objects that "expire" can be automatically deleted from the Canvas database
  • Admins have a grace period and UI to review objects that Canvas has slated for future deletion
  • A user that is slated for deletion can see that their user will be deleted; admins can customize the message that the user sees so that the user can notify them if it seems to be a mistake
  • A course that is slated for deletion will show a prominent message stating that it will be deleted on XYZ data; admins can customize this message for the call to action in case someone thinks the course shouldn't be deleted

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