Improved flexibility in Catalog listing management and reporting


Theme Overview

Improved customization and flexibility enhanced reporting and analytics, and more granular permissions and controls for course listing and enrollment management

What value could this provide to users?

  • Admins have more flexibility in listing management to more easily order, duplicate, and correct listing details and catalogs as well as hide currency values for non-charged courses.
  • Admins can restrict Catalog courses after 'days to complete' have expired
  • Admins need better communication when there are changes in course enrollment (e.g. drop, reached cap, etc)
  • Admins want more reporting flexibility to understand performance based on time period, financial refunds based on enrollment changes, and a way to export listing reports
  • Catalog Analytics needs more flexibility in administrative management to add / edit Able to add/edit email addresses
  •  Admins want the ability to add metadata to course listings such as the start and end date year,
  • Admins want flexibility in managing student enrollments through better tools to manually add, edit, correct, and remove enrollments
  • Admins want more granular permissions to manage and restrict enrollments and registrations and their associated metadata on a subcatalog level
  • Admins want a simplified user experience for Catalog mobile that reduces redundant and time-consuming tasks
  • Admins want enhanced automation to update listing titles and paths based on changes to Canvas course names and codes, enable automated notifications to users, and auto-enroll participants into programs.
  • Automated notifications to inform end users and admins of changes to listings and enrollments
  • Admins want flexibility in supporting promotional codes to support multiple listings and gifts as well as notifications when new promotions are created.
  • Admins want more permissions to initiate the process of creating multiple subcatalog payment gateways
  • Admins want flexibility in Certificate of Completion development including the ability to use RCE, design multiple Certificates of Completion at a sub-catalog or catalog level at the root level as well as restrict editing.
  • Admins want more waitlist flexibility in order set a custom time frame for waitlisted learners to claim an open spot and to be able to accept waitlist spots and continue to payment
  • Admins want additional customization tools to manage catalog headers, colors, and fonts
  • Admins want better synchronization between Canvas and Catalog to keep enrollment data up to data as well as send automated notifications of changes

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