Issuer Enhancements for Badge Management

Theme Overview

This theme revolves around refining the Issuer functionality within Canvas Credentials to address key challenges. It introduces the ability to create "sub Issuers" under "master Issuers," enhancing organizational capabilities and providing a more nuanced structure for badges. Additionally, it improves visibility for administrators by adding a visibility icon directly in the badge list, streamlining oversight of badge status

What value could this provide to users?

  • Hierarchical Organization: Users, including admins, instructors, students, TAs, and designers, benefit from a more organized approach to badge management with the introduction of "sub Issuers" under "master Issuers."

  • Badge Type Distinction: The theme allows for a clear distinction between formally vetted and approved badges ("verified" or "certified") and more informal badges created at lower levels, contributing to a more transparent and purposeful badging system.

  • Efficient Oversight for Admins: Admins gain efficient oversight with the visibility icon directly in the badge list, enabling quick identification of visible or hidden badges and streamlining management tasks.

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