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Where is my Instructurecon 2016 Attendee Badge???

I attended Instructurecon 2016 and haven't received my badge for attendance. What do I need to do to get this? I know this sounds silly, but I really want it. I can send pictures, actually I posted pictures from good old Camp Canvas. Just wondering where my badge is?

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Community Team
Community Team

 @mhinojosa ​, the InstructureCon 2016 badges are being awarded manually, one by one, by an intern who is working off a spreadsheet that lists the 2000+ attendees. If you haven't yet received your InstructureCon 2016 badge, or for that matter whenever you think you should have received a badge but haven't, please click on the Badge Fail button you'll find at the bottom of this page and fill out and submit the form: What are the Canvas Community missions?

Thank you for this quick reply. Now I feel guilty for asking. That poor intern.  :smileycry:  I am more than willing to wait as long as I know it's coming.

Well, you should see it pretty soon, so at some point if you haven't seen it by all means fill out the Badge Fail form.

Just curious--did you ever get the badge? I still don't have mine Smiley Sad


No, I haven't gotten mine either.

Glad to know it's not just me! Maybe they are still working on them? I did go ahead and do the Badge Fail form, but never heard anything back on it either.

I got mine today! Hopefully this thread attracted the needed attention and you also got yours Smiley Happy

Hey Amanda and Chris,

Sorry it took so long to get the badges awarded.  They should all be up now.  Its a manual process to award them.  There is a former intern with a heart of gold!  Another employee pitched in and did 50 or so per day until they were all awarded.

Woo Hoo!