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Portfolium: FAQ

Portfolium: FAQ

How do I get Portfolium ePortfolios for my institution?

Portfolium ePortfolios for Canvas will initially be available only to select Canvas clients as a closed beta. Later in 2019 we expect to open up beta participation to all Canvas clients. Canvas clients outside the USA may want to wait to participate until Portfolium is hosted in-region (see below).

Your Canvas CSM can provide more information.

Other Portfolium products remain available for Canvas clients who want to license these. Contact your CSM or Sales rep for more details.

Why is this only available as a closed beta?

A closed beta help us ensure a positive user experience when the Portfolium ePortfolios becomes available to all Canvas clients.

While Portfolium does have an existing integration with Canvas used by clients who are licensing other Portfolium products, this new integration of Portfolium ePortfolios will eventually be available to all Canvas clients at no added cost. A closed beta lets us test and improve the integration with a small number of institutions. This process will help us ensure the integration works as expected, limiting any unforeseen problems to as few users as possible. Limiting participation also helps us ensure that we can provide sufficient support that users will need.

We have more designs and plans for the Portfolium integration with Canvas that go beyond the current iteration, so a limited beta will help us set expectations for the initial user experience until we can implement the better, more natural experience that will delight users and drive adoption.

Finally, while we expect to provide Portfolium for all regions in which we operate, we are not ready for global rollout in 2019.

When will Portfolium be available for everyone?

TBD. We don't have a firm general availability release data for this Portfolium integration, but we anticipate an open beta for North American customers in late 2019, with global rollouts region by region in 2020.

How does Portfolium compare to Canvas ePortfolios?

Portfolium is a modern, feature-rich, and social ePortfolio network. In some ways, it's similar in functionality to Canvas ePortfolios, but the network aspect of Portfolium means that students can make their ePortfolios visible and findable to a broader audience.

View our comparison table of key features and capabilities.

Will Portfolium ultimately replace Canvas ePortfolios?

Eventually, yes. But we do not plan to turn off Canvas ePortfolios any time soon.

Because many users at many institutions have been using Canvas ePortfolios—sometimes as part of a course or program—we will not be disabling Canvas ePortfolios unless requested by a participating institution. As more users adopt Portfolium, and fewer users adopt Canvas ePortfolios, we will develop a plan to transition from the old to the new.

What global regions does Portfolium support?

Portfolium is currently only hosted in the USA. We are actively researching how to best host Portfolium in each global region in which we operate, with a broad target of regional rollout sometime in 2020.

If I am outside of the USA can I still use Portfolium?

In 2019 Portfolium is only hosted out of the USA. In the future, we expect to roll out Portfolium hosting within other global regions in which we operate, but we have not announced a timeline for that yet.

Regardless of location, Canvas clients can decide if they want their users to access Portfolium ePortfolios hosted in the USA until regional hosting is available.

Customers need to know that we do not have plans to migrate data between US and other regions once in-region hosting is available.

Note that no Canvas-based data is transferred or stored in the US-hosted Portfolium instance other than what an individual user would provide (by creating their account and uploading / importing artifacts).

How much does Portfolium ePortfolios cost?

There is no added cost to Canvas clients for use of this Portfolium ePortfolios integration. Because Portfolium ePortfolios are so much better than Canvas ePortfolios, we think this is a pretty awesome deal!

Some Canvas clients have licensed advanced Portfolium capabilities and products. These features go beyond far beyond the basic ePortfolio functionality included with Canvas and will continue to be available for purchase to support student success efforts.

  • Outcomes Assessment
  • BadgeLink Pathways
  • Advanced ePortfolio Management

Are eportfolios the only product offered by Portfolium?

No, see above.

Can we use both Portfolium ePortfolios and the Canvas ePortfolios?

Yes, but both will appear in a users profile / account menu and account slide out menu:

If your institution has many Canvas ePortfolios, we recommend that you do leave both on until you feel comfortable migrating users from one to the other.

What migration options are available from Canvas ePortfolios to Portfolium?

We are not planning a built-in migration tool due to the very different structure and design of a Portfolium ePortfolio vs Canvas ePortfolios.

However, there are two workarounds for Canvas ePortfolio users:

  1. Canvas ePortfolio content can be manually migrated:
    • Page content can be copy / pasted into Portfolium project descriptions or word processor docs
    • Artifacts can be downloaded using the Canvas ePortfolio HTML export, then re-uploaded into Portfolium projects
    • Portfolium users can also leverage the Import from Canvas feature to bring in past assignment submissions as project artifacts.
  2. Instructure Professional Services can be hired to complete a migration.

If I turn off the legacy Canvas ePortfolios, are the ePortfolios deleted?

No, all the Canvas ePortfolio data is preserved.

What about my students who might have shared their Canvas ePortfolios with others? Won't turning it off create some chaos for them?

Turning off ePortfolios for your Account removes navigation links to the legacy Canvas tool so users can't find and create ePortfolios. Any ePortfolios previously created and shared are still available via direct URL.

What happens if my institution is already using Portfolium?

If your institution is already using Portfolium, you've probably licensed more advanced ePortfolio management features or other Portfolium products. The inclusion of basic ePortfolios in Canvas won't affect that.

For your users, this integration will simply provide a new way of accessing Portfolium profile that is more intuitive within Canvas.

What if a user already has a Portfolium profile?

If the user’s profile is already associated with the institution or school, the Canvas integration should detect the existing profile and use that. Otherwise it will create a new profile.

If a user finds any trouble, they should use Portfolium's built-in support (chat window) to request help.

How will this work with Trust Relationships (students enrolled in multiple Canvas institution accounts)?

Access to Portfolium ePortfolio from a user’s profile can be enabled across multiple Canvas instances configured with a Trust Relationship (TR) using a single, shared, LTI key/secret. Or, each institution participating in a TR can leverage a unique key/secret licensed for use on a single Canvas instance. In either case, Portfolium will recognize that the user is the same individual and behave accordingly. 

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