How do I align to derivative standards when aligning by object?

When aligning by object, you can bulk-align learning objects to predicted derivative standards that are adopted from national standards you've already aligned to.

Note: A derivative standard is an adopted state standard that is identical or similar to an original national standard (e.g., a Common Core State Standard content standard (CCSS), a Next Generation Science Standard (NGSS) content standard, or another supported national standard.)

Open Align by Object

In the Navigation Menu, click the Align by Object link [1]. Alternatively, you can click the dashboard Start with Objects button [2].

Select Object

Select Object

To align a learning object to a standard, click its Align button.

View Aligned Standards

To align to derivative standard, click the Standards tab [1], then click the Aligned tab [2].

Align Derivatives

Align Derivatives

On the Aligned tab, click a national standard's Copy Derivatives icon [1]. Then, to align to all derivative standards (both similar and identical), select the Copy to align all derivatives option [2]. To align only to derivative standards that are identical to the national standard, click the Copy to align exact derivatives option [3].

Derivative standards then move from the Predictions tab to the Aligned tab. Additionally, if tags are enabled, tags from the national standard alignment are copied to all the derivatives.