How do I create a collection of learning objects when aligning by standard?

When aligning by standard in the Standards Alignment App, you can create a collection of learning objects based on filters. A learning object collection is a group of related learning objects within an account that you may want to align together. Some examples of collections are:

  • All 4th grade math lessons
  • Chapters from within a specific unit
  • All writing assessment items

After you create a learning object collection, you can load it when aligning by standard. You can also delete or rename a learning object collection.

Align by Standard

In the Navigation Menu, click the Align by Standard link.

Then, follow the steps for aligning by standard.

Filter Learning Objects

After you select a standard for alignment [1], you can view the related learning objects on the Learning Objects tab [2].

To create a collection of related learning objects, click the Filter Learning Objects button [3].

Save Filters as Collection

View Filters

In the Filter window, view the current filters [1]. If needed, you can select additional filters.

To create a collection of the learning objects that satisfy the current filters, click the Save as collection button [2].

Save Collection

Save Collection

Enter a name for the collection in the Collection Name field [1]. Then, click the Save button [2].

Apply Loaded Collection

Apply Loaded Collection

The collection is saved and loaded [1].

To apply the collection to the current list of learning objects, click the Apply button [2].

View Learning Objects

View Learning Objects

The learning objects list updates based on the new collection.