How do I use tags when aligning by object?

In the Elevate Standards Alignment App, when alignment tags are enabled, you can tag a predicted standard when you accept it for alignment by object.

View Predicted Standards

View Predicted Learning Objects

Follow the steps to align by object.

In the Predictions tab of the Alignment page, predicted standards display [1].

When alignment tags are enabled, the Accept icon drop-down displays [2].

Select Tag

Select Tag

Click the Accept icon drop-down [1]. Then, click a tag name [2].

When you tag a predicted standard, the alignment is accepted, and moved to the Aligned tab. Rejected alignments can not be tagged.

Note: Only one tag can be assigned to a standard in the Predictions tab, but additional tags can be added from the Aligned tab.

View Aligned Standard

View Object

The standard displays the tag [1]. To add additional tags, click the Accept icon drop-down [2]. To delete a tag, click the Delete icon on the tag label [3].