How do I load a collection of learning objects when aligning by standard?

When aligning by standard, you can load a collection of learning objects. Loading a collection of learning objects filters the current list of learning objects based on the collection.

You can learn more about creating a learning object collection.

Align by Standard

In the Navigation Menu, click the Align by Standard link.

Then, follow the steps for aligning by standard.

Open Load Collection

After you select a standard for alignment [1], you can view the list of related learning objects on the Learning Objects tab [2].

To filter the learning objects list according to a collection, click the Load Collection button [3].

Load Collection

Load Collection

In the Load Collection window, click a collection's radio button [1]. Then, click the Load button [2].

Note: Be sure to load a collection that is related to your current learning object list. Otherwise, there may be few or no objects loaded.

View Learning Objects

View Learning Objects

The learning objects list updates based on the loaded collection [1]. You can view the updated number of learning objects listed [2].

You can also view the number of filters used in the loaded collection [3].