What are ePortfolios?

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Because ePortfolios are tied to the user Profiles and not a specific course, users can build an unlimited number of ePortfolios in which to collect and document their educational projects, submissions, experiences, and other work products. Users can keep ePortfolios private or share with other students, instructors, and/or future employers.

In Canvas, ePortfolios remain active as long as the user is in the institution’s SIS and maintains a school login. Canvas also allows users to export ePortfolios to a zip file. ePortfolios can be set to allow private or public access.

When would I use ePortfolios?

When would I use ePortfolios?

Use ePortfolios to:

  • Create an online educational journal for reflection
  • Create an online site that can be turned in as an online Assignment
  • Demonstrate mastery of course Outcomes
  • Share your best work from multiple courses
  • Showcase professional-quality work for prospective employers
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