What tools and computer skills do I need to use Canvas?

Canvas is a learning management system, or LMS, that can be accessed from a web browser or one of the Canvas mobile apps. In order to use Canvas, you will need some basic skills to use a computer or mobile device.

This lesson lists some of the tools and skills you may need to use Canvas LMS software. You may be asked by your institution or instructor to learn other skills that are specific to your courses.

Required Tools

Canvas Web

Canvas Mobile Apps

  • Mobile device that supports the latest version of any Canvas mobile app
  • App download of Canvas Student (Android/iOS), Canvas Teacher (Android/iOS), or Canvas Parent (Android/iOS)

Required Skills

You will likely need the following skills in order to use Canvas. Other skills may be required by your institution or instructor in order to provide or complete coursework.

  • Connect to the Internet using wireless or wired network
  • Enter a URL/web address
  • Enter text using a keyboard or other software
  • Navigate Canvas using a mouse, keyboard, or other device
  • Understand file extensions
  • Download and upload a file


Computer Basics

If you want to complete an online tutorial to learn computer skills, try one of these courses:

In addition to the resources above, you may be able to find computer skills training from your institution, local library, or other community resource.

Note: The resource links above are external links that are not managed by the Canvas Community team or Instructure.

Browser Download

To download a web browser or update your browser to the most recent version, use one of these options:

Device Support

If you are having issues using your device or want to learn more about it, use one of these links: