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Community Team

Top Two Most Important Feature Ideas/Bugs/Issues for Canvas Admins

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I can answer what #2 is really about because you are right, currently the student does not have access to the course. However what that Idea is requesting is that the student be marked "inactive" (instead of deleted or completed) and for a teacher to be able to view "inactive students" in their gradebooks. Due to certain federal financial aid policies a teacher has to be able to report on a student's standing at the time s/he was removed (dropped, withdrew, medical withdrawal, etc) from the course. Currently, the only way to do this is to reactivate the student in the course which gives the student full access to the course.

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Right now I would say #6 & #8 as lack of both have added extra work and created headaches.  It's a great list so it's hard to pick just 2.

I have to concur, snugent. These two,

Inactive enrollment status for withdrawn students (216)

Extend Course for Individual Student (100)

are the ones that are most troublesome for us, too.

Although I have to admit that 9. Create Global Announcement capability at the Sub-Account level (116) and 3, Advanced Admin Search & Sort (166), do run a close third & fourth! --K'Ailsa

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#3 and #5, in that order of priority ...

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The way I look at this is which of these can I not solve with some other work around.

So #1 and 3.

I would say 6. but I think Canvas data will help with that.

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Great question.  All are important but my top concerns are items  1. More granular permissions for admins and 2. Inactive enrollment status for withdrawn students.

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My preferences are 1 and 3 (6 and 8 were hard to leave out of my choices)

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#2 and #8 for me.

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#1 & #2
...Although once we have another year w/ Canvas under our belt I think I would change that to #1 & #3.

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#1 and far.