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QM question about a video and what instruction that can be seen in the video

Situation: A professor recorded a video of what they were doing in front of the class. You see them talking and the Excel file they are displaying with no problems, but they’re also writing notes on the whiteboard, which is impossible to see. 

Question: Could it be a remedy to make a doc with time stamps where they type in the doc what they are writing on the whiteboard, and then, for example, add that doc along with the video in a module?

It's a short video, about 7 minutes long, which would seem easy to re-record, but it's a video from a live class that could be timely to reproduce unless there is another remedy -- such as my example.

Note: Over time, they would likely redo the video so that all materials and concepts are visible from the video without additional explanatory materials.

What do you all think?

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