Provide improved Studio quiz functionalities

Theme Overview

Expanded quiz creation and editing functionalities, more flexibility for user controls, improved feedback mechanism, and always available usage insights.

What value could this provide to users?

  • Able to rewatch Studio quizzes without retaking a quiz, so I don't need to take the quiz every time I want to watch only the video.
  • Able to edit quizzes and auto-update grades accordingly after students have taken the quiz so that I don't need to recreate the whole quiz because of a mistake.
  • Able to use a rich content editor and open-ended questions in Studio quizzes, so that I have flexibility while writing questions and comments.
  • Able to receive immediate feedback on the question that I answered in Studio quiz so that I don't need to wait to find out if my answer was correct until all the questions were asked.
  • Able to add more levels of replying in Studio Quizzes, so I can help promote discussions.
  • Able to access insights in all kinds of Studio videos, so that I can always know how viewers interact with and view my media.
  • Able to prevent students fast forwarding studio quiz videos the first time they are seeing it so that I can make sure they watch the video at least once before answering any questions

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