Technical Functionality

Theme Overview

Specialized requests for file types support, white space handling, environment variables, element handling for page load speed.

What value could this provide to users?

  • Able to support unique use cases for specialized uses of our products, such as:
  • Support environmental variables for LTI 1.3
  • Change the name of the downloaded folders
  • Adjust decimal separators in grade exports based on user settings
  • Modify the sizes of the image files they upload
  • Update page titles in the browser window to be the course nickname
  • Fix issues with the Office 365 LTI submission types
  • Support .fig and webp file types
  • Sanitizing all title inputs on submissions
  • Enable comment out tags in HTML editor
  • Allow assignment and module pages to load faster
  • Let users hide grading tabs
  • Improve link validator tool
  • Decrease load time for custom CSS/JS font types in Canvas themes
  • Make the "Use semicolons to separate fields in compatible spreadsheet exports" setting apply to the import groups functionality
  • Keep the original name of the uploaded files and enable Google doc file uploads in NQ questions

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