How do I access the Data Explorer in Elevate K-12 Analytics?

The Data Explorer allows you to filter and categorize information in various ways to better understand the underlying components of data. In the Data Explorer page, you can view your saved data explorations or start a new exploration. You can also start explorations from charts in your Visuals library or from a chart in a dashboard.

Note: Using the Data Explorer is a user role permission. If your Navigation Menu does not include the Data Explorer link, this feature is restricted for you and other users with your user role. For more information about accessing the Data explorer, you can contact your institution's Elevate K-12 Analytics Administrator for help.

Open Data Explorer

Open Data Explorer

In the Navigation Menu, click the Data Explorer link.

Start New Exploration

To start a new exploration, click the Start Exploring button.

 Learn more about starting a new exploration.

Open Existing Exploration

Open Existing Exploration

To open a recent exploration, click the Recent link [1].

To open a saved exploration, click the Created by You link [2].

Then click the name of the exploration you want to view [3]. 

Learn more about managing data explorations.

Begin Exploration from Perspective Widget

Begin Exploration from Perspective Widget

To open the Data Explorer from a student perspective, hover the cursor over any scorecard widget [1]. Then, click the Explore Widget icon [2].

Begin Exploration from Chart

To open the Data Explorer from a chart in a dashboard, select the chart [1]. In the sidebar, click the Explore link [2].

You can also begin a data exploration from an existing chart in your Visuals library on the Visuals page.

You can learn more about managing charts.

View New Exploration

View the metrics and aggregated data for your exploration in the Metrics section [1]. To edit or add to the selected metrics, click the Metrics Settings icon [2].

The exploration also displays the selected chart [3]. To modify, collapse, or delete the chart, use the chart options [4].

Exploration options display in the What's Next? section [5]. To view additional exploration options in the Data Explorer sidebar, click the Tools Menu icon [6].