Preparing Impact for your Start of Term

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Summer Tidy Up

As summer draws near for many of our Impact users, we thought it would be a great time to remind you of some ways to utilize Impact to prepare for a successful start of term. 


You have data, now use it!

This is a great time to review your adoption report for the last term or last academic year. Are there areas where you would like to increase adoption? Are there any tools that were not fully utilized? Your Impact Insights allow you to visualize your adoption data to help guide the support you give your users from everything from the utilization of a tool that seemed difficult to a process they didn’t fully understand. Use these great user guides to support you with your Impact Insights: 

Course reports are great for learning more about how the LMS is used at the course level. This can be very helpful when you are trying to better understand how specific programs are engaging with their online environment, and what modifications, if any, need to be made to support and encourage engagement. Impact Course Reports are available within the Impact Dashboard and are now available to faculty in all Blackboard and Canvas environments. If your institution does not yet have Course Reports for faculty available, please submit a support ticket to enable this LTI. Please check out these guides for more information about Course Reports:


Prep for Fall   

What new initiatives and requirements for faculty do you have? Some institutions are taking this time to formalize online learning requirements for their faculty. While requirements vary at each institution, they typically involve ensuring that grades, assignments, and syllabi are available within the LMS to all students. Impact can be utilized to promote additional support and messaging around these new requirements or best practices.


New instructors often need some additional assistance as they navigate the LMS. Even instructors familiar with the learning environment may need some support in understanding your institutions' processes and requirements for online learning. Impact can be utilized to remind these users of trainings available through campaigns and messaging. You can also utilize Impact to monitor the LMS adoption of these new users to encourage and support the usage of various features within the LMS. To target these users, you will need to create a custom user group. You can learn more about creating and utilizing custom user groups from the following resources:



Many institutions utilize the summer session to add new, third-party tools. Ensure these tools are added to your insights tool adoption report for quick views of tool adoption data! Third-party tools often require some additional support and guidance as users are onboarded. An Impact campaign guiding users through this new tool experience for the first few uses, and supporting them with any troubleshooting will help increase the adoption of the newly added tool. If you need assistance creating these monitors or are in need of campaign suggestions, please reach out to your Impact Success Manager Team! 


Looking for inspiration?

The Impact Universe has a large selection of start-of-term messaging and campaign examples! Check out some of these more popular messages that we see many institutions running each start of term to help support their students and faculty and decrease the number of support tickets during this busier time of year! 


Update Impact of any team changes! 

It is important that we have the most current team information so that we can continue to update you with all things Impact(ful)!  Please take a moment to fill out this survey if your team members have changed this year!