How do I view tool usage from courses with the same instructor in Blackboard Learn in the Impact Dashboard?

If you are using Blackboard Learn, you can use the Course Activity Report to look up an instructor’s courses and append tool adoption data.

Open Insights

In Global Navigation, click the Insights link.

Open Course Activity

Click the Course Activity link.

Search for Instructors

Look up the courses you would like to examine by entering the instructor’s user name into the search bar [1] and clicking the Search button [2].

The result list includes the course ID, course name, creation date, student enrollment count, instructors, and participation level (percentage of enrolled students who have accessed the course) of each course.

Note: You can append any monitor category from any available Reporting Template to the result list by selecting it in the Tools field and clicking Search.

Select Monitor Category

Each selected monitor category adds an additional column to the result list, which displays the percentage of active users enrolled in the course that has triggered at least one of the monitors underneath the category since the course’s creation date.

View Adoption Level

The adoption level is automatically filtered on the Role Category associated with the Reporting Template that each selected monitor category comes from (e.g. any category from the Student template is filtered on the Student Role Category). If you want to bypass the default filtering, you can select a specific Role Category in the filter bar instead of Template Default.

Export Data

To export the current results from the course search including the appended adoption data as a CSV-file, click the Download icon.