How do I view the Course Activity Report in the Impact Dashboard?

The Course Activity Report compares the usage of specific tools for courses based on your search criteria.

Open Insights

In Global Navigation, click the Insights link.

Open Canvas Course Activity

Click the Canvas Course Activity link.

Filter Data

To switch between Canvas instances, click the Instance drop-down menu [1].

To filter by term, click the Terms drop-down menu [2].

To filter by Courses or Teacher, click the Course drop-down menu [3].

To search and filter by a course, click the Search courses search bar [4].

To hide students from showing, click the Hide courses without students checkbox [5].

To show only blueprint courses, click the Show only blueprint courses checkbox [6].

To show only published courses, click the Show only published courses checkbox [7].

To display the filtered search, click the Search button [8]. 

Open Course

Locate and click the course name you would like to view the Course Activity in.

Tool Group

Click the plus sign next to each Tool Group to view all of the monitors in each category.

User Activity

For each student, the table displays the following data:

  • Name [1]: name of the student
  • User ID [2]: their user ID
  • Last Access [3]: date users last accessed the course
  • Tool Groups [4]: dynamic groups based on the selection in the Reporting Template; these stats are relative to the dates selected in the Tool Adoption section
  • Total Clicks [5]: the number of clicks reflects the number of clicks on a monitor in the grades category

Export Report

To export the data, click the Export button.