How do I target audiences from tool adoption data using the Tool Adoption Report in the Impact Dashboard?

You can use tool adoption data to enable targeted communication with users based on their activity using the Tool Adoption Report.

The Tool Adoption Report allows you to use the presented data to set up targeted communication efforts through both traditional methods of outreach (e.g. email) and Impact's built-in messaging and support functionalities. You can create segments of users based on individuals who have been active or inactive within a specific monitor category in any of the available Reporting Templates.

There are two ways to set up and use a target audience; downloading a CSV file and creating an Impact Campaign.

Open Insights

In Global Navigation, click the Insights link.

Open Tool Adoption Report

Click the Tool Adoption link.

Target Users Based on CSV Export

If you want to reach out to a segment of users through traditional communication channels such as a mass email, select the desired monitor category [1]. Click the Export drop-down menu [2] and then click the desired download link [3].

Save the CSV file to your computer.

Open the CSV file, which contains a list of users based on the previously selected criteria, including their username, full name, and email address.

Start an Impact Campaign

If you are looking to communicate with a segment of users using Impact's in-application messaging and support capabilities, set up a Campaign. This allows you to not only target your communication through Impact but also measure the impact of your efforts on user behavior.

Select the desired monitor category [1] and click the Start Campaign button [2].