How do I edit an icon made using the Rich Content Editor Icon Maker?

If enabled by your institution, you can use Instructure predefined images or upload your own custom images to make icons within the Rich Content Editor. After you create an icon in the Rich Content Editor, you can edit the icon. You can access the Rich Content Editor from Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, Pages, Classic Quizzes, and the Syllabus.

Note: If the Icon Maker is not available in your course, it has not been enabled by your institution.

Open Rich Content Editor

Open the Rich Content Editor when editing an announcement, assignment, discussion, page, quiz, or syllabus.

Open Icon

Select Icon

In the Rich Content Editor, click the icon you would like to edit, then click the Edit button.

Edit Icon

Edit Icon

In the Icon Shape drop-down menu [1], you can select the shape type you would like the icon to be. You can select between square, circle, triangle, diamond, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, and star shapes.

If you would like to modify the size of your icon, use the Icon Size drop-down menu [2].

To change the color of your icon, click the Icon Color drop-down menu [3].

To edit an outline to the icon, click the Icon Outline drop-down menu [4].

If you would like to modify the size of your outline, use the Icon Outline Size drop-down menu [5].

Edit Text

Edit Text

To edit the text you would like to include on the icon in the Text field [1].

If you would like to modify the size of your text, use the Text Size drop-down menu [2].

To edit the color of your text, click the Text Color drop-down menu [3].

To edit the color of your text background color, click the Text Background Color drop-down menu [4].

If you would like to modify the position of your text, use the Text Position drop-down menu [5].


Edit Image

Select Image

To edit the image on the icon, click the Delete button [1].

To add an image to your icon, click the Add Image drop-down menu [2].

Save Changes

Save Changes

To save your changes as a new icon, click the Save Copy button [1].

To apply your changes to all instances of the existing icon within the course, click the Apply changes to all instance of this Icon Maker Icon checkbox [2]. To save the existing icon, click the Save button [3].

View Unsaved Changes Warning

View Unsaved Changes Warning

If you navigate away from the icon maker before applying your icon, Canvas generates a message warning that you have unsaved icon on the page.

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