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How do I filter the Calendar view by course as an instructor?

How do I filter the Calendar view by course as an instructor?

By default, the Calendar displays your personal calendar and course calendars for each class in which you are enrolled. However, you can filter which calendars display, including group and course calendars as well as your personal calendar.

Open Calendar

Open Calendar

In Global Navigation, click the Calendar link.

View Calendar

After clicking the Calendar link, you will see the Calendar for all your enrolled courses and groups.

Choose Courses to View

Choose Courses to View

In order to filter your Calendar by courses or groups, click the color box next to the Calendar [1]. The calendar can show up to 10 courses and/or groups at a time. In this example, not all of the calendars are being shown.

Note: Canvas will assign an arbitrary color for each calendar unless a custom color is chosen. Each calendar contains 15 default colors, but you can create any color of your choice by selecting the More icon [2] and inserting a Hex code [3].


I am an observer to my 3 children on Canvas.  The calendar only shows me 10 courses at a time.  How can I see all their courses simultaneously to view assignments for each day?


Hi @MelissaP1,

Thanks for posting your question. It's currently only possible to view up to 10 courses simultaneously on the calendar. As a work around, you could toggle between courses for your students. We do have a feature idea that suggests adding the ability to view more than 10 courses simultaneously (Show more classes in Calendar). If you'd like to support that idea, you can add to the conversation by adding comments or kudoing the idea. 


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