How do I utilize the AI for Ask Your Data?

How do I utilize the AI for Ask Your Data?

How do I utilize the AI for Ask Your Data?

1. Click Admin

In Global Navigation, click the Admin link.

Click Admin

2. Open Account

Then click the name of the account.

Open Account

3. Open Analytics Hub

In Account Navigation, click the Analytics Hub link.

Open Analytics Hub

4. Open Ask Your Data

In the Analytics Hub, click the Ask Your Data link.

Open Ask Your Data

5. Suggested Prompts

Suggested prompts are available to use

Suggested Prompts

6. Create Your Own Prompt

or create your own prompt in the chat window.

Create Your Own Prompt

7. Open Tips on Effective Prompt Compositions

Click the Tips on effective prompt composition for tips on creating prompts.

Open Tips on Effective Prompt Compositions

8. Composing Effective Prompts

The Composing Prompts popup gives you ideas on creating an effective prompt using AI.

Composing Effective Prompts

9. Submit Prompt

After composing your prompt, click the Submit button.

Submit Prompt

10. View Data Results

The data results are shown to the right of the chat window, and this information pertains directly to the prompt you entered.

View Data Results

11. View Summary and Methodology

In the chat window, a Summary and Methodology outline is given.

View Summary and Methodology

12. View Summary

The Summary outline provides a high-level analysis of the actual results data.

View Summary

13. View Methodology

The Methodology outline explains the process used to generate the data.

View Methodology

14. Refine Results

If you are not fully satisfied with the results, ask a follow-up question to refine your search.

Refine Results

This guide covered how to utilize the AI for Ask Your Data.