What is Intelligent Insights?

What is Intelligent Insights?

What is Intelligent Insights?

1. Intelligent Insights

Intelligent Insights enables self-service analytics and proactively surfaces actionable insights that inform strategic initiatives to improve course and edtech effectiveness, student retention, and graduation rates. The four features of Intelligent Insights are Ask Your Data, LTI Usage, Students in Need of Attention, and Course Readiness.

Intelligent Insights

2. Ask Your Data

Ask Your Data is an AI-powered query tool that enables account admins to ask and answer questions in the natural language. Educators can make data-informed decisions regardless of data literacy or technical savvy.

Ask Your Data

3. LTI Usage

LTI Usage is a meaningful and personalized data and analytics dashboard on LTI usage inside of Canvas. This provides admins with the ability to better understand where, when, by whom, and how often LTIs are used within Canvas.

LTI Usage

4. Student in Need of Attention

Students in Need of Attention allows institutions to establish the leading indicators to proactively identify students needing attention so that they can promptly act to improve the student's experience and outcome. Institutions can improve student retention and graduation rates with proactive and continuous monitoring.

Student in Need of Attention

5. Course Readiness

Course Readiness delivers the insights administrators need to manage and measure course readiness and effectiveness. Institutions customize the criterion to set the standard for course readiness and then make data-informed decisions and take action to improve the consistency of effectiveness of teaching and learning.

Course Readiness

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