How do I create hyperlinks to external URLs in the Rich Content Editor as a student?

Using the Rich Content Editor, you can create hyperlinks to external resources. Several features in Canvas support the Rich Content Editor, including Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, Pages, and Quizzes.

Open Rich Content Editor

Open the Rich Content Editor when using one of the Canvas features which support the Editor.

Note: The Rich Content Editor supports keyboard shortcuts. To view the Keyboard Shortcuts menu, click the Keyboard icon or press ALT+F8 (PC keyboard) or Option+F8 (Mac keyboard).

Create Link Using Keyboard Shortcut

Create Link Using Keyboard Shortcut

Alternatively, you can create external hyperlinks using keyboard shortcuts. After adding content in the Rich Content Editor, select the text for your hyperlink.

Then press Cmd+K (Mac keyboard) or Ctrl+K (PC Keyboard).

Save Changes

Save Changes

Click the Save button.

Note: When using the Rich Content Editor in Discussions, the Save button may appear as the Post Reply button.

View Content

View the hyperlink in your content.

Note: When clicked, external hyperlinks automatically open in a new browser tab.