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How do I upload and embed a media file from my computer in the Rich Content Editor as a student?

How do I upload and embed a media file from my computer in the Rich Content Editor as a student?

Using the Rich Content Editor, you can upload and embed media files from your computer. Several features in Canvas support the Rich Content Editor, including Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, Pages, and Quizzes.

Canvas allows you to upload supported media types.

Canvas converts files up to 500 MB. If a file exceeds the 500 MB limit, you can host the file through an external source such as YouTube and embed it using the Rich Content Editor. To learn more about available options for using media files in Canvas, view the Canvas Media Comparison PDF.

Canvas videos also support caption files. Once you upload a video, learn how to add captions to a video.

Note: Media uploaded in the Rich Content Editor is saved in the Uploaded Media folder in your User Files or Group Files, depending on where it is recorded. If media is uploaded for an assignment submission, the media file is stored in your User Files.

Open Rich Content Editor

Open Rich Content Editor

Open the Rich Content Editor when using one of the Canvas features which support the Editor.

Note: The Rich Content Editor supports keyboard shortcuts. To view the Keyboard Shortcuts menu, click the Keyboard icon or press ALT+F8 (PC keyboard) or ALT+FN+F8 (Mac keyboard).

Record Media from Toolbar

Record Media from Toolbar

To upload media from the toolbar, click the Media icon [1].

You can also upload media from the media options menu. To view additional media options, click the Media Options arrow [2]. Then select the Upload/Record Media option [3].

To view the Media icon, you may have to click the Options icon [4].

Note: If the Media icon does not display in the toolbar, media uploads have been disabled by your institution.

Record Media from Menubar

Record Media form Menubar

Alternatively, you can open the media recorder from the menubar. Click the Insert icon [1]. Navigate to view the Media options [2], and select the Record/Upload Media option [3].

Upload Media from Computer

By default, the Media Upload Tool displays the Computer tab [1]. Click or drag and drop a media file to media uploader to upload a file from your computer [2].

Select File

Select File

Select the media file [1] and click the Open button [2].

View Selected File

The uploader displays a file preview [1].

The uploader also displays the media file name [2]. To change the file name, type a new file name in the media file name field. The name of the file also acts as the alt text for the media file.

To remove the file, click the Delete icon [3].

To add a caption file, click the Add CC/Subtitles checkbox [4].

Submit Media File Upload

Submit Upload

To upload your selected media file, click the Submit button.

Note: The file will flash before it embeds in the Rich Content Editor.

View Embedded Media

View Embedded Media

View your uploaded media file in the Rich Content Editor.

Save Changes

Save Changes

Click the Save button.

Note: When using the Rich Content Editor in Discussions, the Save button may appear as the Post Reply button.

View Content

View Content

View the content created in the Rich Content Editor.

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