How do I update my personal profile information in the Instructure Community?

In the Community, your profile page displays your personal information. You can set and update your personal profile information in the Settings menu.

To update your profile settings, you must be logged in to the Instructure Community.


Open My Settings

Open My Settings

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Avatar icon [1]. Then, click the My Settings link [2].

Update Email

In the Settings menu, the Personal page and Email tab open by default.

By default, your Community email address is the same as your Canvas email address.  To change your email address, enter a new address in the New email field [1]. Then, re-enter the new email address in the Confirm new email field [2].

To opt out of receiving emails from Community, click the Don't send me any community emails checkbox [3].

Your email verification status displays [4].

To save changes, click the Save button [5].

Update Personal Information

In your Community profile, your first and last name as displayed in your Canvas account are populated by default. To enter additional personal information, or to update information that was previously entered, click the Personal Information tab [1].

To change a first or last name, enter the new name in the First name or Last name field [2].

To enter or change your title, enter a title in the Title field [3].

To enter or update your location, enter a location in the Location field [4].

To enter or update your web page information, enter a web page URL in the Personal web page field [5].

To enter or update a short autobiography, enter information in the Biography field [6].

To enter or update private notes that will be visible only to you, enter them in the Private notes field [7].

To save changes, click the Save button [8].

Enter IM Screen Names

You can add one or more instant message screen names to your profile.

To add your ICQ number or screen name in AIM, MSN Messenger, Yahoo ID or Skype to your personal profile, enter the information in the appropriate field(s) [1]. Then, click the Save button [2].