How do I edit my blog post in the Instructure Community?

After you write and publish a blog post in the Instructure Community, you can make edits to the blog post as needed. Editing blog posts may not be available for all users or in all Community blog spaces.

We recommend only making minor edits when editing a blog post. Making major changes, such as changing the topic of a blog post, may be confusing for users following a link to the blog post.

Open Blog Post

Open Blog Post

Locate the blog post that you want to edit. You can find the blog post listed in the blog article list in the blog board where you published the article, or you can find the blog post listed on your Community profile page.

Click the title of the blog post to open the article page.

Edit Article

On the article page, hover over the Options menu icon [1]. Then click the Edit Article link to edit the article [2].

Edit Blog Post Content

You can edit the blog article content, including:

  1. The article title
  2. The article teaser
  3. The body of the article, including any text, embedded media, and any other text styling and content.
  4. Article attachments
  5. Blog labels
  6. Article tags

When you are done editing your blog post, click the Post button [7] to publish any changes to your blog post.