How do I reply to a question posted in an Instructure Community Question Forum?

You can reply to a question posted in an Instructure Community question forum. You must be logged into the Instructure Community to post a reply.

Open Question

Open the question in which you'd like to add a comment.

Add a Comment

Add a Comment

To reply to the question, click the Reply button.

Note: Depending on the amount of comments, you may have to scroll down to find the button.

Enter Comment

Enter your comment in the Comment field [1].

You can format your comment using the Rich Content Editor. Rich Content Editor options include: bold [2], italics [3], bulleted lists [4], numbered lists [5], quoting [6], clear formatting [7], adding links [8], inserting emojis [9], and inserting images [10]. To view additional formatting options, click the Expand Toolbar icon [11].

Expand Toolbar

Expand Toolbar

Additional Rich Content Editor options include: text formatting [1], spoiler tags [2], source code editing [3], underline [4], strikethrough [5], text color [6], text size [7], font [8], code sampling [9], and tables [10].

Insert Photo

To insert a photo, click the Photo icon.

Format Image

You can upload an image from your computer [1], enter an image URL [2], or add an image from your saved photos [3].

Once your image has been uploaded, it displays in the Photos window [4]. To add a caption, enter the caption in the Add a caption field [5].

To modify the image size, click the Size drop-down menu [6]. You can select Small, Medium, or Large.

To select the image alignment, click the button for left alignment, center alignment, or right alignment [7]. Size and alignment previews display in the Format section [8].

To upload your image to the Rich Content Editor, click the Done button [9].

Insert Video

To insert a video, click the Video icon.

Format Video

Format Video

You can insert a video by uploading a video from your computer [1], from your Instructure Community My Videos file [2], and from the web [3].  

When your video is added using one of those three methods, you can select the video size in the Video Size drop-down menu [4]. You can select Small, Medium, or Large. You can also select an alignment option in the Video Alignment field [5]. You can select Left, Right, or Inline.

To insert your video into the Rich Content Editor, click the Insert Video button [6].

Preview Comment

Preview Comment

To preview your comment, click the Preview link [1]. Your comment preview displays in the Comment field [2].

To exit comment preview, click the Exit Preview link [3].  

Post Reply

To attach a file from your computer, drag and drop the file or click the browse link [1].

To receive email notifications for comment replies, click the Email me when someone replies checkbox [2].

To add tags to your reply, type applicable tags in the Message Tags field [3].

To disallow other users from adding tags to your comment, click the Do not allow anyone to tag this post checkbox [4].

To post your comment, click the Reply button [6].

View Reply

Your comment displays in the question's Replies section [1].

To edit or delete your comment, click the Options icon [2].