How do I host an Instructure Live event?

Any Instructure Community member can host an online or on-site Instructure Live event.

Note: Please do not host events related to beta features. Please use Feature Preview User Groups to ask questions and discuss beta features.

Open Instructure Live

In the Instructure Community, click the Explore menu item in the Community navigation [1]. Then click the Instructure Live option [2].

Create an Event

Create an Event

To create a new Instructure Live event, click the Create Event button.

You must be logged into the Instructure Community to create an event.

Add Event Information

To add an event banner image, click the Add a banner image link [1]. The recommended banner image size is 2016 x 414px.

Enter an event title [2], event start date and time [3], end date and time [4], time zone [5], and event details [6].

To attach a file to the event, drag and drop files or click the browse files to attach link [7].

If you'd like to mention a featured guest, type their Community username in the Featured Guests field [8].  

To add your video conferencing URL, venue name or address, use the Location field [9].

To provide the URL for a live streamed event, click the Live Stream Video checkbox and add the live stream URL [10].

To add labels to your event, type keywords in the Labels field [11].

To view additional event options, click the More Options link [12].

Save Event

Save Event

To save your event and make it visible to all Instructure Community members, click the Publish button.


View Your Event

View your published event in the Community.

To mark if you'll be attending the event, use the buttons in the Will you be attending? section [1].

To send an invite to the event, click the Send Invite button [2].

To send a message to attendees, click the Send message to attendees link [3].

To add the event to your calendar, click the Add to Calendar button [4].

To edit or delete your event, click the event's Options icon [5].

To view all Instructure Live events in your google calendar, subscribe to the Instructure Live google calendar.