What are the Instructure Community guidelines?

We want the Instructure Community to be a place to help users find answers, share ideas, and network or collaborate with other like-minded people. We want you to enjoy your experience as an active member and participate often. However, as a member, we ask that you respect the Community code.

The Community Guidelines

Be cool. 

It’s OK to be critical and express frustration from time-to-time, but rudeness is not acceptable. Always treat others with respect. Behind every comment is a living, breathing human being, and we are all in this together. Personal attacks or criticisms of another's abilities or motives will not be tolerated.

Be accurate.

You are entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts. Feel free to express your opinions, but if you express an opinion, identify it as such. If you make an assertion, be prepared to back it up with sources.

Be you.

You are encouraged to build your profile and presence. You are discouraged from cloning yourself: always log in with the same account to prevent creating duplicate accounts.

Be 16 or older.

Because of privacy laws and regulations in various states and regions, no one under the age of 16 can have an account in the community public forums. Please obey the account creation criteria on being 16 years old before you create a user account, otherwise your account will be removed.

Pitch ideas, not products. 

Hey, we know there are a lot of amazing ed-tech tools out there. If you want to share ways these have been helpful in teaching, please do. However, if you’re a third party vendor or partner, this is not the place to generate sales leads.

Stay on target.

This community is your place to discuss and network about all of the Instructure products. If you want to sell a couch or find someone with whom to take long walks on the beach, there are other sites for those things.

We trust you’ll abide by these guidelines (because you’re awesome). With the exception of a few select areas, comments are not deleted in any other areas of the Instructure Community unless you stray from the topic at hand or any of these guidelines. Instructure reserves the right to take appropriate action if these guidelines are not followed.

See content that goes against our guidelines?

If you find content in the Instructure Community that goes against these guidelines or is otherwise inappropriate, please report it to community@instructure.com.