What groups and hubs can I join in the Instructure Community?

In the Instructure Community, interest groups and hubs provide a place for you to interact and collaborate with other members of the Community.

Community Groups are organized around shared interests or common languages. Groups are designed to facilitate peer networking, coaching and support.

Community Hubs are organized by product, and focus on specific features. Hubs help users find resources, and share product knowledge with their peers.

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Community Groups

Groups are places where you can meet other members of the Instructure Community based on your shared interests, user roles, or languages. Groups feature interest-specific discussion forums, shortcuts to related documentation, and featured topics.

Groups are organized by common interest [1], language [2], feature type [3], and user role [4].

Community Hubs

Community Hubs

Hubs are places where you can learn about a specific product or feature. Hubs focus on empowering you to find the resources you need and network to share knowledge with your peers.

Hubs are organized by product or feature.