How do I view the Instructure Guides?

The guides in the Instructure Community provide simple, yet comprehensive instruction for all Instructure software products. These guides are a free resource that can be accessed without logging into the Community.

Instructure Guides are created, organized, and maintained by the Instructure Community Team.

You can view guides for Instructure products in the Instructure Community. You can use the Community's top navigation menu and/or the Community's search field to locate guides.

View Instructure Product Guides

In the Instructure Community, guides are separated by product.

To access guides for a specific Instructure product, click the Products link [1] in the Community navigation menu. Then click the name of a product to view the product landing page [2].

View Product Landing Page

Each product landing page has the same layout and similar options. To view the available guides for a product, click the Read the Guides button [1]. To view any additional resources for a product, click the Additional Resources button [2]. To view guides in a language other than English, click the Languages button [3].

View Guides

In the View the Guides modal you can view the available user guides and documentation for the product. Each product includes a variety of available user guides and documentation, so the product guides modal may display differently depending on which product you're viewing. Products may include sections for popular guides [1], guides divided by user role [2], and additional guides, such as language guides, video guides, or troubleshooting guides [3]. Some product guides modals may display guides divided by feature area or use case.

View Additional Resources

In the Additional Resources modal, you can view additional resources available for the product. These include items that are informational and helpful but don't fit under the standard user guides for the product. Additional Resources may include resource and reference documents, product release notes, known issues, integration documents, and API documentation.

View Product Guide Table of Contents

Each user guides manual displays a Table of Contents.

To move to a specific chapter in the manual, click a chapter link [1].

To view a lesson, click the name of the lesson [2].

How do I find information about the roadmap for Instructure products?