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How do I ask a question in the Canvas Community?

How do I ask a question in the Canvas Community?

Sometimes you need an answer to your question about Canvas-related topic. The most common place to ask questions related to Canvas is in the Question Forum. You may also be able to post questions in other places, such as groups.

Community members can answer any questions in the Question Forum and answers can be marked correct by Community Team and Canvas Coaches.

Open Question Forum

Open Question Forum

Click the Knowledge drop-down menu [1], and select the Question Forum link [2].

Enter Question

Enter Question

Enter your question in the Subject field [1]. Then click the Check Title button [2].

Enter Question Details

Enter Question Details

Enter the text for your question in the Body field [1]. You can use the Rich Content Editor icons to format your text [2].

To add a file to your question, drag and drop a file or click the Browse link [3].

To receive email notifications for question replies, click the Email me when someone replies checkbox [4].

You can also enter labels in the Labels field [5] and tags in the Message Tags field [6]. Labels can be selected from a list of predefined terms that cannot be changed. Tags can include any terms that are selected by the user who creates the question.

To post your question, click the Post button [7].

View Question

View Question

View your question [1].

Any replies to your question display in the Replies section [2]. To mark a reply as the solution to your question, click the Accept as Solution button [3].


Hello, Im having trouble getting Flipgrid as a integration on my Canvas account. I have looked at the instructions that are already made but they seem to be using a different version because my Canvas account doesn't look the same as the account in the instructions and I don't have the tabs that they are using to add Flipgrid to the account, so I am very confused. Thanks for any help. 

Hi @Mae_M12345,

LTIs can only be added to a school-wide Canvas instance or individual courses. The option to add LTIs is only available to Canvas admins and instructors. It's not currently possible to add them to a personal Canvas user account. That may be why you're not able to see the same options as the instructions. If Flipgrid is needed for your course, I'd recommend reaching out to your instructor to see if that's an integration they're open to adding to the course. 



    I am a Reading Specialist, I see small groups of students each day. The groups are based on their grade. Should I set up a separate course for each grade level or do I have one course, the homepage has grade level buttons linked to pages to access modules?

Hi @Colleenrex,

First of all, thanks for the question! From where I stand, it seems like you may want to create separate courses for each grade level. Combining everything together would mean that all your course content, modules, and users would be in the same course. It might get a little confusing for you and the students to have everything in the same place. However, it is totally up to you and you may want to reach out to the tech department at your school so they can provide feedback.


I am trying to embed the cover page into my discussion page. When I click on the directions for how to do this, it says that I don't have permission to use the page. What do I do?

Hi @Kathy58,

It says you don't have permission to view the how-to guide? Do you know the name of the guide you were trying to access? If so, and if it was a guide hosted in the Canvas Community, you should be able to find and view it in the Canvas Guides.

Are you wanting to add a link to a page or embed an image? If so, perhaps one of these guides will help?

If you're using the New Rich Content Editor: 

If you're using the Classic Rich Content Editor: 


Hello not sure if I'm in right area to ask this but please help i had just added my 2 elementary kids " student pair codes " to my my son who attends a different school he had generated a code but it's not going through....says " this user not authorized to perform this action" .....


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