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InstructureCon 2016 Post-Conference Feedback

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tl;dr: This is an open discussion where you all can publicly share your qualitative thoughts and feedback about InstructureCon 2016! Please post before reading the comments from others. Then feel free to reply to others!

Once again we were stunned by another kumbayawesome InstructureCon! Fortunately the great sessions, ideas, and connections we made, can live on within our Canvas Community and in the InstructureCon 2016 community space! Remember that you can keep the conversation alive, around each breakout session, by adding comments! This is a great way to connect with the presenters and share thoughts/ideas with other participants.

Please be sure to take that survey that our marketing team sends out, so we can make instcon even better next year. That quantitative feedback is invaluable.

In addition we wanted to have an open discussion where you all can publicly share your qualitative thoughts and feedback about InstructureCon 2016!

Here's some things you might want to talk about: the sessions, the keynotes, the activities, the online schedule, the app, the booths, the venue, opportunities to connect, ideas for the Community Team to improve community interaction and engagement.

Thanks for your help Canvas Community...  We ❤️ you!

Onward and upward!

PS... Don't forget to add all those kumbayawesome photos you took, to the Camp Canvas Photo Gallery...

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In your responses please @mention other community friends or use the "Share" tool to encourage others to offer their feedback as well!

Let's kick off this discussion with some @mentions:

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Please add thoughts team!

Community Contributor

This was our first Instructurecon and we had a great experience. The resort was beautiful, food was excellent, and the staff was friendly and always willing to help. We thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and found them to be very thought provoking, and educational. I listed our personal suggestions (although many of these will echo previous posts), but overall we had a wonderful time and am looking forward to #instcon2017

The Good

Beautiful landscape (I personally enjoyed Lake Dillon the most)

Great informative sessions that had me extremely motivated by the end of the conference

Great Food

Excellent staff (both Instructure & Keystone)

Excellent events at night, we thoroughly enjoyed the street fair

A ton of great swag!

It was great to meet and network with other Canvas users, we live in a rural area and Canvas users are difficult to find locally.

The Bad

Wifi was very inconsistent

Altitude Sickness (Although not Instructure's fault, cash oxygen bars is a great suggestion to help curb this)

Rain (obviously not Instructure's fault either, but a bummer none the less)

Tents and Seating during lunch and the hoedown

Again, overall, it was our first Instructurecon and it was a wonderful experience! Thank you to all of the people at Instructure and Keystone who came together to make it happen. It was clearly an immense amount of work to put something like that together, and I was amazed by the attention to detail. See you next year!

Community Participant

Loved almost everything about InstructureCon 2016- especially the location and the ability for us all to get into the keynotes at one time.  The wide open spaces between events to me was a big plus, but I appreciate the comments on accessibility for some, and the need for an expanded menu for my Florida bud @ddrees.

The high $ guest pass and the inability to purchase individual tickets left family out.  I appreciate the need to plan ahead, and that it's not a priority, but those of us that couple conference with visit made it out of range.

While there were ample sessions, maybe we are big enough to schedule sessions into specialty tracks for various categories of users to allow for better timing and scheduling of attendance.

Keystone and Instructure staff were Awesome and always helpful!

Community Participant

Special callout to the wonderful folks at the Lost and Found by the registration desk, as well as whomever found my cell phone and returned it to them the next morning.    They put up with my hourly check-in until my precious windows phone was found save and sound!  You both saved my weekend.

Community Contributor

You've triggered a couple more thoughts from me...

1. I didn't really understand the theme at times. As an Australian, the whole idea of US summer camp was something I had zero emotional connection with, so while I was impressed with the marketing team having atten to detail with the theme design, it didn't gel with me. I have been to 5 BbWorlds and they have energy without the need to chase swag, collect badges from various locations, and hike to a rainy field to stand with people briefly. My focus was on information gathering and networking, and the theme worked against that in many cases.

2. Moving the vendor hall was a peculiar approach. Some people chased swag in the first session. Maybe I've been to more conferences now and swag is less important? I felt like one of the few who would go to a booth to look at the product and leave empty handed. I'd paced myself, expecting them to be there each day and then found they were gone after the first evening. I didn't realise they were relocated initially and by the time I stumbled over the new location, some had gone, and others felt jammed together in a corner.

Community Participant

Instructurecon was a blast just like it always is! Seriously the best/most helpful employees, inspiring keynotes, great swag, I learned a ton, and made some great connections. Can't wait for next year! I did take note of a few things that may be improved in future years:

  1. Flow of traffic - I noticed that it was hard to move around when the hallways outside the session rooms were full of people. Similarly, it was hard to get in and out of session rooms. I noticed that people weren't letting others exit before they poured into the room. I think in the future, wherever possible, designate an "in" and "out" door to help with the flow of traffic. As far as the traffic in the hallways...I don't have too many suggestions there other than putting the snack bar outside or in a more open space to allow people to move freely through the hallways. All I know is that it was crammed!
  2. Session abstracts - For two years now, there have been a few sessions that sounded super promising, but weren't quite what I thought they would be. I think that in future years, it would be helpful to require extended abstracts (similar to OLC?) at some point in the process, to ensure that sessions are relevant to those who attend. Also I don't know if I am alone in this, but I wanted 3 full days of sessions and was sad that there were only 2 full days.
  3. Session "tracks" or levels of expertise - Similarly, there have been some sessions that are either over my head, or a little too "beginner" for me. I wonder if it would be possible to have different "tracks," or levels of expertise (newbie/intermediate/know it all??) to help with this, and specify the level of expertise on the schedule? I guess it all ties in together - just wanting more info about each session up front so that valuable conference time isn't wasted.
  4. Networking - There are tons of informal networking opportunities via the evening events, but I wonder if you could set up some designated times/places for different groups to meet up? Such as "ID meet up," "accessibility meet up," etc? Birds of a feather, as mentioned above.
  5. Wifi - It was super spotty and I wound up relying on my data instead. 😕
  6. Bus schedule - This wasn't super reliable until the second day - I know a few people that waited almost 40 mins because somehow all the red buses were together, rather than staggered on their route.

Ok! Done complaining, because it was seriously so much fun and I can't wait to go back!

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

I agree about the abstracts.  I like the OLC format when the presenters give a quick abstract, but then we can read a more in-depth summary of what the presentation will be.  Also, they typically require that presenters share their slide decks and prezis before the conference starts. 

Community Participant

So I presented last year and they did ask for our slides up front. I think the problem is that it isn't easily enforced? But I am with you on the extended abstract - I find it super helpful to (optionally) view those when prioritizing sessions.

Community Participant

It was my first InstructureCon and I really enjoyed it.  Already plotting how to get back to it next year.  The networking was great! Just meeting in person people who are doing similar things and learning from them is invaluable.  I enjoyed all the sessions.  There was one that wasn't what I expected so I walked out and found something that fit me more.  I do think that eating at the Field didn't work always.  We presented one day and didn't want to get mulch in our shoes so skipped it.  Tents, Tents wifi and tents.  Obviously you can't predict the weather but I wore more ponchos that week then I have my whole life.  But kudos on instantly having ponchos on the ready it was unbelievable how ready and thorough your staff is.  I learned a lot so great work.

Same here!