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What are Portfolium ePortfolios?

What are Portfolium ePortfolios?

This document outlines ePortfolio functionality within the new Portfolium LTI.

Portfolium ePortfolios allow Canvas users to create and share ePortfolio projects and network with their peers.

What are Portfolium ePortfolios?

Portfolium is an LTI tool which allows Canvas users to create and share ePortfolios. Users can create any number of projects within their portfolio and import their Canvas assignment submissions directly to their ePortfolio. Additionally, Canvas users can access the Portfolium network to share their portfolio and connect with classmates and peers around the world. 



  • This tool is different from the Canvas ePortfolios feature.
  • Some Portfolium features are not included in the free version of Portfolium. 

Logging in to Portfolium from Canvas

Users can log in to Portfolium from their Canvas User Settings. 

Open Portfolium

321302_Open Portfolium.png

To open the Portfolium LTI tool, users must click the Account link in Global Navigation [1] and click the Portfolium link [2]. 

Users will be logged in and directed to the Portfolium landing page automatically.  

Note: Users with an existing Portfolium account that is registered under their primary Canvas email will be logged in to their Portfolium account automatically. For new users, Portfolium will automatically create an account and add them to their institutions’ Portfolium network. 

View Portfolium Landing Page

318241_View Portfolium Landing Page.png

Canvas displays the Portfolium landing page, where users can build an ePortfolio [1], increase project visibility [2], network with employers and peers [3], view details for their Portfolium profile [4], and access the Portfolium User Guide [5]. 

View Portfolium Online

318242_View Portfolium Online.png

A new browser tab will open to 


Existing Portfolium users will be directed to the space they selected.


New users will be prompted to complete an onboarding page. Once completed, they will be redirected to their original destination.

Portfolium Features

Portfolium features are used to create and manage ePortfolio projects, network with peers and classmates, and share relevant experiences. Users can access and manage these features in their User Profile.

Open User Profile

318243_Open User Profile.png

Users can access their User Profile by clicking the User Profile icon in the Portfolium Toolbar [1] and selecting the View Profile link [2].

View User Profile

318244_View User Profile.png

The User Profile page contains features used to build and enhance a user’s ePortfolio. 

Features include the Portfolium Toolbar [1], Profile Header [2], Sidebar [3], and User Profile Tabs [4].

Portfolium Toolbar

318245_Portfolium Toolbar.png

In the Portfolium Toolbar, users can search by keyword, navigate to other pages within Portfolium, access Portfolium apps and their profile, and create a new project

Profile Header

318246_Profile Header.png

In the Profile Header, users can add or update profile pictures, copy their ePortfolio URL, and download their ePortfolio as a PDF


Hovering over the cover photo will display additional options to add or edit the cover photo and edit profile settings. 



The Sidebar displays the following sections:

  1. Overview [1]: view and edit basic profile information 
  2. Your Profile Strength [2]: view profile strength and improvement tips
  3. Skills [3]: view and manage skills
  4. Resume [4]: upload and view resume
  5. People You May Know [5]: view and search suggested connections

View Profile

318248_View Profile.png

Users can view and manage their Portfolium profile from the Profile tab [1]. The Profile tab displays profile enhancement links [2] and profile details [3]. 

View Portfolio

318249_View Portfolio.png

From the Portfolio tab, users can add and manage their ePortfolio projects.

View Drafts

318250_View Drafts.png

In the Drafts tab, users can manage unpublished projects. 

View Connections

318251_View Connections.png

In the Connections tab, users can view their current Portfolium connections and connect with other Portfolium users. 

View Suggestions

318252_View Suggestions.png

In the Suggestions tab [1], users can view other Portfolium users’ projects [2], suggested skills for development [3], and connection suggestions [4].

Import Canvas Assignments 

Canvas assignment submissions can be imported to a user’s Portfolium ePortfolio. 

Open User Settings

318253_Open User Settings.jpg

To import Canvas assignments, click the User Profile icon [1]. Then click the Settings link [2]. 

Open Import Data

318254_Open Import Data.png

In the User Settings menu, click the Import Data link. 

Select a Provider

318255_Select a Provider.png

Click the Canvas button [1]. Then click the Continue button [2]. 

Log in to Canvas

318256_Log in to Canvas.png

A new window will open to the Canvas login page. 

Enter your Canvas credentials [1] and click the Log In button [2].

Authorize Canvas Access

318257_Authorize Canvas Access.png

Click the Authorize button. 

Open Canvas Assignments

318258_Open Canvas Assignments.png

Click the Course Assignments button. 

Select Data to Import

318259_Select Data to Import.png

Select the desired assignment checkboxes [1], then click the Select x Assignments link [2]. 

Import Assignments

318260_Import Assignments.png

Click the Import Now button. 

Import Confirmation

318261_Import Confirmation.png

A message will display stating that the selected content is being imported [1]. To import additional content, click the Import More button [2]. To navigate to your profile, click the View My Profile button [3]. 

Community Resources

Future Enhancements

This document outlines existing functionality included in the initial release of this closed beta feature: Portfolium ePortfolios. Portfolium ePortfolios will continue to receive additional feature enhancements over future releases as indicated in the User Group: Portfolium. Please follow the release notes for future functionality updates, which will be indicated by the #portfolium tag. 

Customer Feedback

Community feedback for Portfolium ePortfolios can be added in the User Group: Portfolium

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