How do I use the multi-user whiteboard in a conference as a participant?

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The multi-user whiteboard feature helps you engage in a presentation. You may be able to use the multi-user whiteboard as part of your conference. When enabled, you can view the toolbar options in the Presentation window and contribute to the whiteboard.

View Presentation Toolbar

View Presentation Toolbar

In the Presentation window, hover over the presentation to view the toolbar. In the whiteboard, you can create annotations using the pencil [1], rectangle [2], rectangle [3], circle [4], triangle [5], line [6], or text tools [7].

You can also change the color of your annotations [7] and change the thickness of your annotations [8].

Clear or Undo Annotations

View Presentation Toolbar

You can also use the toolbar to clear all your annotations [1] or undo the last annotation [2]. The last annotation icon will undo each annotation one at a time.

View Multi-User WhiteBoard

View Multi-User WhiteBoard

You can use any of the options in the toolbar and add them directly to the whiteboard. Your name displays next to any annotations you create in the whiteboard [1]. You can also view the names of other contributors in the whiteboard [2].

When using the multi-user whiteboard, you are contributing annotations in the same space as others, but no one is able to modify, change, or delete another person's annotations. Clearing all annotations or undoing an annotation only affects your annotations.

Note: The presenter is able to clear all annotations for all users.

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