How do I use groups as a student?

As a student, your instructor may assign you to a course group, or another student may include you as a member in a student group. You may also be able to create groups, join groups, switch groups, or leave groups.

Groups allow you to work together with other students. Group Navigation gives you access to group activities and files.

If there are any assignments assigned to your group, one member can submit assignments on behalf of the group.

On the Assignments page, you can view assignments assigned to your group along with other assignments.

If your instructor has assigned you to be the student group leader, you can edit the group name or add and remove users from the group. Learn more about managing groups as a student group leader.

Open Group

Open Group

In Global Navigation, click the Groups link [1], then click a group name link [2].

You can learn more about viewing your groups or viewing all available groups.

View Group Details

You can view the group's course code or nickname [1] and the group name [2].

The Group Home page displays recent messages [3], To Do items that are coming up [4], and a link to the group calendar [5].

Use Group Navigation

View Group Navigation

You can use the Group Navigation to view or make group announcements [1], create a group page [2], view group membership [3], create or reply to  group discussions [4], view and upload group files [5], access group conferences [6], or access group collaborations [7].