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Where can I find my peers' feedback for peer reviewed assignments?

Where can I find my peers' feedback for peer reviewed assignments?

You can find your peers' feedback for peer reviewed assignments in several places.

Note: If the peer review is anonymous, the name of the reviewer will not be included in any feedback.

View Recent Feedback

View Recent Feedback

Under Recent Feedback in the sidebar of your Canvas course, you can view recent comments from peer reviewed assignments. Click the title of the assignment to view all submission details and comments.

View Submission Details Page

You can view the comment directly in the submission details page [1].

If your assignment is compatible with the Canvas annotations tool, Canvas DocViewer, your peers may also have left feedback directly in the assignment. To view their comments, click the View Feedback link [2]. This is the same link where you may be able to view feedback from your instructor.


  • When assignment grades are hidden, you can view peer review comments. However, instructor comments are hidden until after assignment are posted.
  • When peer reviews are anonymous, you can leave submission and rubric comments, but annotated submission comments are not supported.
  • For group assignments, you will see peer review comments for all reviews of your group's submission.

View Assignment Page

You can also view your peers' feedback on the individual assignment page. All comments from your peers will appear in the Submission box.

Note: Peer review feedback only displays on the assignment page for assignments that require an online submission.

View Grades

View Grades

The comment can also be viewed on your Grades page.

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