How do I create a discussion in a group as a student?

If you are a member of a group in your course, you can start discussions within the group.

Open Discussions

Open Discussions

In Group Navigation, click the Discussions link.

Add Discussion

Click the Add Discussion button.

Create Discussion

Enter a discussion title in the Topic Title field [1].

Add discussion content using the Rich Content Editor [2].

Set Discussion Options

Set discussion Options

Select options for your discussion, allowing others to like it [1] and adding it to other group members to-do lists [2].

Save Discussion

Save Discussion

To start the discussion, click the Save button.

View or Edit Discussion

View Discussion

View the discussion you started in your group.

If you need to edit the discussion, click the Edit button.

If Discussions Redesign is enabled for your course and you need to edit the discussion, click the Options menu [1] and select the Edit link [2].