How do I view Collaborations as a student?

If you've been invited to join a collaboration, you can access the collaboration from Canvas. You can also view collaboration files from within your online account associated with the collaboration type (OneDrive or Google Drive).

If your institution grants permission, you can create collaborations in the course. Your instructor can always view any collaboration you create, though other students can only view collaborations that have been shared with them. If your instructor has added you to a course group, you can always create collaborations within a group.

You can choose to receive notifications about collaborations in your Canvas notification settings.

Note: Depending on your institution's preference, your Collaborations page may not match the images shown in this lesson. However, functionality of the page remains the same.

Open Collaborations

Open Collaborations

In Course Navigation, click the Collaborations link.

View Collaborations

The Collaborations page displays all collaborations where you have been invited to participate. For each collaboration, you can view the name of the collaboration [1], the description [2], the person who created the collaboration [3], and the date and time the collaboration was created [4].

Add Collaboration

If you have permission, your institution may allow you to create collaborations in your course.

To create a new collaboration, click the Start a new collaboration button.

Depending on your institution's preference, you may be able to create a Google Drive collaboration or create a Microsoft Office 365 collaboration.

If your collaborations page does not match the image shown in this lesson, you can still create a Google Docs collaboration.

Open Collaboration

Open Collaboratoin

To open a collaboration, click the name of the collaboration.

Note: The collaboration will open in a new tab. You may be asked to sign in to view the file.

Access Collaborations

Access Collaborations

To access a file, you may need to authorize Canvas to access your Google Drive or OneDrive account.

To join the file, click the Join button [1].

To switch accounts, click the Switch account button [2].

View File

View the file in Google Drive or OneDrive.