How do I answer each type of question in New Quizzes?

You can answer a variety of question types in a quiz in New Quizzes.

Note: If the quiz you are accessing displays differently, your instructor may have used the Classic Quizzes tool to create the quiz. Functionality may differ between these quiz types. For help with answering quiz questions, please see How do I answer each type of question in a quiz?

Categorization Question

To answer a Categorization question, drag and drop the possible answers in the matching category.

Essay Question

To answer an Essay question, click the text box [1] and type your content. Content can be formatted through the Rich Content Editor [2].

Your essay may also include a minimum and/or maximum word count [3].

File Upload Question

To answer a File Upload question, drag and drop the file [1] or select a file by clicking the Browse link [2].

If your instructor has limited the file types that can be uploaded, you can view allowed file types for the question [3].

View your uploaded file [1]. To delete the file, click the Delete icon [2].

If your instructor allows multiple file uploads, you can upload additional files [3].

Note: If the option to upload a new file is not displayed, you have reached the file upload limit.

Fill in the Blank Question

Fill in the Blank questions include three answer types: text entry, drop-down, and drag and drop. To answer a text entry question, type your answer in the Answer field [1]. To answer a drop-down question, click the drop-down menu [2] and select the option that answers your question.

To answer a drag and drop question, drag your answer to the answer field [3].

Formula Question

Formula Question

To answer a Formula question, enter your response in the text box.

Hot Spot Question

To answer a Hot Spot question, click the area of the image that answers the question.

Matching Question

Matching Question

To answer a Matching question, view the question [1]. Then click the drop-down menu to select the matching answer [2].

Multiple Answer Question

Multiple Answer Question

To answer a Multiple Answer question, click the checkboxes next to all applicable answers.

Multiple Choice Question

Multiple Choice Question

To answer a Multiple Choice question, click the button next to the answer [1]. You can clear your selection to leave the question unanswered by clicking Clear my selection [2].

Numeric Question

To answer a Numeric question, type the answer in the Answer field [1] or use the arrow keys to increase or decrease the answer [2].

To answer a Numeric question in scientific notation, use the following format: m*10^n, where m represents the coefficient, the asterisk represents the multiplication function, and ^n represents the exponent.

Ordering Question

To answer an Ordering question, drag and drop the items in the correct order [1]. You can also click the Move icon [2] and move an item up or down [3].

Stimulus Question

To answer a question that includes content, view the content [1] to answer the related question(s) [2]. Associated questions can be any of the other questions available in New Quizzes.

True or False Question

True or False Question

To answer a True or False question, click the button next to the answer.